A soap of my own

One tiny bathroom is hard to share amongst five people. Especially when certain ones own more than their own bodyweight in tools, creams, and powders. (In fondo sei già bella.) If you want something to be only for you, you must take it with you and put it away when you go, or you risk any and everyone using/abusing/absconding with your stuff. I learned that from growing up in a family of eight.

I like to use my own brand of soap, so I bought a little camp soap carrier and took my bar back to my room each night, until a few nights ago. I got lazy and neglectful, and came back to an empty soap dish the next night. No one would admit to having seen the thing, much less explain how an entire new bar of soap could have vanished in one day. I had to use one of the regular bars. I intended to put it on my shopping list. But for several days more I kept forgetting to go to the store and get another of my own brand. However, today I finally remembered!

I had to go to the store anyway, so I made sure to pick one up. They didn’t sell single bars, and that was okay. I got the double pack and brought it home. Then I promptly forgot about it again. Are you sensing a pattern yet? When bathtime finally rolled around, I was all ready to get in the tub when I spied my empty soap tray. Now I remembered! I re-dressed myself and went looking for the shopping bag. I opened one of the bars and put it in the tray, but now I had a spare! The spare would need to be put in a place incase my new bar disappears again. I quickly decided on the best place to store it so that I would find it again when the time came. I opened the cabinet under the sink, and put my spare bar right next to the other three identical unopened bars that I was already storing from the four pack I bought last time…

The end.

Take out buffet

The Bother with Bunnies

The Bother with Bunnies