Take out buffet

In recent years, I have found that I can get more for my money at a take out buffet. Some people only fill the bottom of the box, but I also fill the lid. When both halves are overflowing, I slam them together and trim the edges. I weighed my lunch on the postal scales when I got back to work with it. for $8.50, I had purchased exactly three pounds of Chinese food. There were potstickers, lo mein noodles, lots and lots of chicken and vegetables, and five egg rolls. Even if I pig out and make myself sick, this will still last me at least two meals. It costs more to eat in, and I could never eat anywhere close to this in one sitting. I’ve done the same thing at the local pizza buffet. For $7, I brought home a variety of pizza slices. when I got home, I reassembled them into 2½ pizzas and fed four people.

Tetanus shot

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