M&M’s failure of a website

“M&M’s are like crayons; all the colors taste the same.”

If you are still doing this to people in 2013, you don’t deserve to have a website anymore. The fact that I had to enter my date of birth to get this far was just the icing on the cake. I didn’t think I was looking for M&M’s porn. I just wanted to get a list of all the flavors they have now.

When I was little, they only had chocolate and peanut, and I had been told that they used to have red ones that were poisonous. I was afraid to eat the red ones for a long time after they finally brought them back and to this day, my brother won’t eat the yellow ones because he says they will make him less of a man. (You can Google the adverse affects of yellow #5 to men on your own time.) But I seem to have gotten off track…

Boo! Your website stinks, M&M’s!

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